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chainsaw bear carving. Features bear hunter with old muzzle loader and powder horn.Carved in 2015




"totem pole"

Carved in 2012 features two grizzly bears fighting.


Chainsaw carved bear sitting on stump. Carved in 2015


bear cub chainsaw carving.Carved in 2015


Chainsaw carving of bear holding address post.

"bear-sign "

wolves Chainsaw carving.

"mother wolf and yearlings"

Chainsaw carving features howling timber wolf. Carved in 2015


Carved american bald eagle with fish in its claws. Carved in 1993.

"eagle carving"

chainsaw carving of hillbilly bear hunter.Carved in year 2015


"american bald eagle"


"killer whale scuplture"

carved nude woman.Carved in 1993

"woman carving"







"howling wolf"




"cougar carving"



"cougar carving"



"cougar carving one"

"ravens sculpture"

"cougar carving two"



"raven mask"

"eagle mask"


"ravens sculpture two"




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