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forbidden mountain Henry Maximick





 "Haunting, mysterious...a chilling, ghostly legend"

forbidden mountain on vancouver island ... the "forbidden mountain"... where a thriving people, their untold story ...hidden for centuries...lain preserved within the mountain's solemn and deathly silence.

... the unbearable gruelling hardships... horror...death..., unleashed on the lone survivors who searched the vast, rugged mountains for their lost loved ones.

...what was the "Strange Star" with its shrilling , eerie sound ...that came to visit from the darkened night sky."

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the call of the raven... "does the raven know?"

the howl of a lone wolf..."sometimes would answer from the distant mountain."

the "Strange Star"... "does it live?"

  ... The words of this chilling story rises from these pages... risen from the dead. They are told as can only be told. The legend of the "forbidden mountain"... its mystic silence ...its hidden secret has come to life.  

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ISBN 0-973475-0-4
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From different economic and financial questions to social movements there are plenty of topics at the forefront of todays society. Books on whether or not keeping your money safe or how to refinance a loan are on the minds of many. However the "forbidden mountain" speaks to people on a whole different level. Hardships endured by those who were once thriving test a person's limits to ask if they'd have the strength to survive themselves. It certainly puts things into perspective as well.




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